August 9, 2016

That of Lasvit is literally an enchanted world made of glass. Inside the 333 Years in the Making exhibition, held at BASE in Milan, the delicate transparencies of the Czech brand – today possibly the most prestigious in the world – await you.

Lasvit’s background is that of the manufacturers of Bohemian glass, heritage of the Czech artisanal world. Vary fashions and styles, throughout the centuries the charm of these precious artefacts has remained unchanged, also thanks to the cleverness of the local producers who have skilfully managed to always adapt their production to the taste of the time.

The Lasvit brand, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakmič (born in 1975), contributed to the innovation process of the trade, uniting the traditional artistic glass-production with the most advanced technologies and artisanal creativity. A story that, starting from its name, reveals an emotional bond with the art of glass-making: the name ‘Lasvit’ is, as a matter of fact, composed of the czech words láska, meaning love, and svit, meaning light.

With passion and a precise will to innovate bohemian glass production, the brand has earned itself a place of honour in the field, also thanks to the excellent quality and the variety of pieces it has created over time. The collection ranges from small decorative pieces to design glasses, from objects for illumination up to real works of art such as walls, screens, sculptures, furniture and installations that decorate luxury spots all over the world (to name one, the majestic Burj Califa in Dubai).

Lasvit has collaborated with famous international design names to produce capsule collections of exceptional beauty: Nendo, Ross Lovegrove, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Baas, René Roubíček and Bořek Šípek have all put their vision at the service of an absolutely contemporary way of conceiving glass, creating breath-taking works that push experimentation to the limit. Jakimič’s entrepreneurial courage is one of the main assets of the brand which, in just a few years, has managed to affirm itself and grow – this, thanks to the combination of, on one hand, the manipulation of traditional glass-making techniques while, on the other, creative gamble: the designers’ liberty to advance nearly impossible creations, such as walls of water-glass or mouth-blown glass. A formula that has given life to the luminous dream of rethinking one of the most ancient materials in the world.